Empower Your Investing: Adopting Best Practices of John Templeton, Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett book now available for preorders

Investing is a life skill and, like any life skill, the key is to learn from those who have already done it well.

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Disney Brings Down the Hammer

The content king muscles-up.

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The Increasingly Digital Economy

E-commerce is transforming the consumer landscape by toppling department stores; transforming the distribution of media from linear TV to on-demand digital delivery; and the auto industry is transitioning to electric and autonomous vehicles. The transformation toward a knowledge-based economy hasn’t gone unnoticed by investors. Today’s five most valuable companies in the U.S., as measured by market capitalization, are in order, Apple Inc., Alphabet/Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Common to all of them is a high degree of personalization based on consumer use. They get smarter the more digital data they collect from the consumer. Consumers in turn are more productive, and benefit from more convenience.

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