Empower Your Investing: Adopting Best Practices of John Templeton, Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett

I am excited to announce that Empower Your Investing­: Adopting Best Practices of John Templeton, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett, which is published by Post Hill Press is now available! More than 25 years ago I began studying and researching the best practices of the greatest investors of all time. In this book, I am sharing my findings in an accessible book that I believe will be invaluable for both beginners and professionals.

Investing is a life skill and, like any life skill, the key is to learn from those who have already done it well.  Empower Your Investing­: Adopting Best Practices of John Templeton, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett offers a success-based framework, discipline, and toolkit for investing success.

This book illustrates how John Templeton, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett became successful investors; reviews their winning stocks with key takeaways for today’s investor; compares and contrasts the three master investors; and integrates their best practices into a successful investment process. Their best practices can become a compass for your investment journey.


“Just as athletes might study Michael Jordan, Mohammed Ali,and Babe Ruth, every investor should know and understand John Templeton, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett. Scott Chapman brilliantly showcases the investment world's Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) so every stock market participant, from novice to seasoned professional, can learn the lessons of those who have reached the pinnacle of success. With a comprehensive step-by-step approach,Chapman provides a deep understanding of what it takes to be the best.” —Robert P. Miles, Author, The Warren Buffett CEO; Executive in Residence,University of Nebraska at Omaha  

“Scott Chapman’s book is a clear read for any investor who wants to learn how to invest better.  Scott is a successful long-term investor and educator who is someone all investors can learn from. He shares some of the best investment advice and actual experiences of three of the best investors in history—Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, and Sir John Templeton. This book will help every person improve their investment skill from the beginning investor to professionally trained CFA analysts.” —Craig Braemer,CFA; Blossom Wealth Portfolio Manager and Founder of Braemer Asset Management,LLC.

“If you only read one book about investing - make it this one!  Scott Chapman is absolutely brilliant at bringing together in one book the lessons of three legendary investing masters: Sir John Templeton; Peter Lynch, and; Warren Buffett.  You will learn fascinating stories about their background, their investment approach, philosophy, and timeless nuggets of wisdom, as well as,case studies for each investor.  Whether you are a novice or an investment professional, use these pages to put your investing approach firmly on the right path.  After reading this, the way you invest will never be the same!”—Thomas Arrington, CFA

“An outstanding must-read book for all stock investors.  Scott Chapman has artfully analyzed and summarized the successes of the three great icons of stock investing.  He has also given us the logic and approaches used by Sir John Templeton, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett which have outperformed the market consistently over the long term.  What a jewel of a book to read -with results to back up each investment philosophy.

Scott has unveiled methods of determining investment values that have resulted in his own track record of consistently outperforming the market and other fund managers. Enjoy reading this timeless book that will also enhance your understanding and appreciation of the successful methods used by the icons of stock investing.” —Geoffrey Heathcock; Director of Corporate Development at Fortune 500 companies and Professor of Finance and Accounting for over 30 years.

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