About Chapman

Chapman Investment Management, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm that provides professional portfolio management for individually-managed taxable and retirement accounts. Scott Chapman, CFA, has over 25 years of experience successfully managing portfolios in bull and bear markets with a long-only strategy.

Our goal is to provide financial peace of mind for our clients by delivering superior investment performance and exceptional personalized client service. We plan to preserve and grow capital by applying a proven, time-tested investment process that identifies high-quality businesses with sustainable competitive advantages led by shareholder-oriented management teams, and investing when the stock prices are priced below intrinsic value. We achieve superior client service by understanding investment objectives, maintaining regular communication, and being responsive to changing investment needs.

How Chapman Investment Management, LLC is different from other investment management firms:

  • Designed and successfully implemented an investment process that has been consistently applied for over 20 years with superior performance and less risk
  • Focuses on business fundamentals, cash flow, and intrinsic value (not macro headlines)
  • Conviction gained from intensive hands-on primary research
  • Views stocks as ownership of a business and management as partners
  • Manages risk through disciplined emphasis on valuation of high-quality companies
  • Long-term perspective with low turnover
  • Concentrated all-cap portfolio
  • Opportunistic investment approach; not locked into a style-box
  • Bias toward “tollgate” businesses with recurring revenues, large barriers-to-entry, and high ROIC (return on invested capital)
  • 100% owned business; interests directly aligned with clients'
  • Decisions not made by committee

Scott A. Chapman, CFA
Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager

Scott A. Chapman is a Chartered Financial Analyst, CEO and Portfolio Manager of Chapman Investment Management, LLC, which he founded in 2013. He has more than twenty-five years of experience managing investment portfolios and performing securities analysis.

Mr. Chapman was Managing Director and Portfolio Manager with Lateef Investment Management from 2002-2012, during which time the firm’s assets grew from $500 million to over $5.5 billion. At Lateef, Scott was a member of a three-person portfolio management team that delivered investment performance in excess of the S&P 500 by an average of 3.8% annually and outperformed the index in nine of eleven years, all with lower portfolio risk. The Lateef mutual fund earned the top five-star rating by Morningstar rating agency.

Previous positions included Senior Portfolio Manager, Director of Large-Cap Growth Strategy, and Research Director at Dreyfus Founders Asset Management, and Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of Growth Strategy at HighMark Capital Management. At HighMark, he designed and managed the investment strategy for the HighMark Growth Fund, which was also awarded a top five-star Morningstar performance rating.

He received his M.B.A. in Finance from Golden Gate University and his B.S. in Accounting from Santa Clara University. Scott taught investment principles to CFA candidates in San Francisco for seven years. He also developed and instructed investment seminars, called “Lessons from the Masters,” which profiled the investment principles and case studies of stocks used by Sir John Templeton, Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett. He is currently writing a book on the subject. Scott is a national board member of Positive Coaching Alliance, former Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board for Golden Gate University’s graduate school of business, and a volunteer treasurer and board member of a Hawaiian condominium association. He is married, has two grown children and enjoys running, cycling, swimming, reading and the fulfillment of making a positive difference in building clients' capital.